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how it all began..

First time i discovered Muli was in the beautiful 'Hayarkon' Park which was right next to my house. I found a white goose who moved me so much and immediately got me empathize.
He had big wings but i never saw him fly. He had a yellow beak, but he did not sound a lot, and even when he did I couldn't understand. 
He was mostly swimming in such a beautiful silent that moved me each time, all over again. And he had a curious look in his eyes, but a sad one.
I found myself in him. i wanted him to always be with me
So i illustrated him and without thinking twice - i had inked it on my right arm. This illustration didn't leave my mind and i was looking for more

levels in it. I was looking in myself.

I then realized how everything connects, how Muli's character is the reflection of me and my life and i started to draw this figure in any way possible. i was anxious to express my self. to scream with the shut beak. 
So i painted Muli in my art school studding, in my works, with all kinds of techniques and forms, i painted him in the city streets, on walls, in the sea, on the shore rocks, on surfboards and what not. From there on, in 2015 at the end of school, I decided to share him with the world and let everyone have their own Muli to go with.  

So that's how Muli start to evolve as a trademark, and with the affinity for design i always

had,he continued to develop into several products like fashion and apparel through

housewares and of course in other applied arts.  Muli style is minimalist with a twist.

The base always relies on black and white and to this I add a touch of color, text or other

additives that change according to the nature and designation of the item.

About the name: Muli1969, 69 is a number that neutralizes the gender. Muli got no gender

and he can be both. Some of my design offer as unisex items with the understanding that

we all contain feminine and masculine qualities and there is no need to point out the

physical differences. Additionally 1900 has added, to make a feel of a year of birth and to

make an anthropomorphous to the Illustrated character - Muli - and to give it a life.

Another big inspiration that has important value in my creation is the Brand - Sanrio,

The family of Hello Kitty, while their slogan is - 'small gift - big smile',

and I'm quoting from their website - "Small gift - big smile, it's more than just a catchy phrase; it's the foundation of everything we do, and we're proud to say we've been creating smiles for over 40 years". My dream is to be able to say this sentence to myself & to create smiles :) 


My name is Lidor Berlinski. Welcome to my website and to Muli's world

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